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Leadership 2.0 Seminar Series - Effective Communication

Friday January 12, 2018    8:00 am

This is the second in the four part series.

Effective Communication:  Have you struggled to get your point across? Ever feel unheard? Have giving or receiving feedback? Effective communication is based upon core principle delivery of your message in a way that can be easily received by the listener, and also to be in a position to hear and receive messages in a way that most assists you in making decisions.


Each session will be interactive.


No more than 25 participants will be accepted per session.


This session will be facilitated by Kathleen Fyfe, Leadership Saratoga class of 2009, Program Director of Leadership Saratoga and Vice President of Community Development, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.


All sessions will be held in the Adirondack Trust Community Room, 2nd Floor, 31 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, 8:00 - 12:00 pm.


Other sessions include:

Authentic Leadership - November 17

Setting and Reaching Meaningful Goals - March 9

Understanding Fears in Leadership - May 4

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