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Leadership 2.0 Seminar Series - Presence in Leadership: Balancing Being and Doing

Friday March 9, 2018    8:00 am

A leader’s major effect on follower-ship has to do with his or her presence and how emotional intelligence affects processes in a system’s relationships.

Self regulation, integrity, mindfulness, determination and resiliency are necessary skills and strong immune responses to face the challenge of individuality and togetherness in community.

One’s own self-definition, responsiveness, and a capacity to remain connected serves the leader to make an impact, particularly when there is reactivity, herding, blame displacement and quick fix mentality.

Attendees will explore domains of change to balance presence and sound outcomes through exercises and discussions.


Pierre Zimmerman, MS, has worked for over thirty years in corporate healthcare in many different leadership capacities in the USA and Canada.

He is presently managing One Big Roof, a continuum of care for One Roof Holistic Center. He leads many organizational development workshops, mindful practices and presentations in a variety of work settings, colleges, and communities.

He is an ordained chaplain in end of life care and leads support groups and mindfulness programs for people with catastrophic and terminal illnesses.

He is a graduate of the class of 2012 of Leadership Saratoga.

The seminar will be held at Adirondack Trust, Community Room, 2nd Floor, 31 Church Street, Saratoga Springs. It will be 8:00 - 12:00 pm

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