The Leadership Saratoga Alumni Association was organized by the graduates of the program in order to continue their affiliations and community education and to provide an impetus to further community involvement. 

The program, which began in 1985 has graduated close to 600 individuals.

Leadership Saratoga alumni are some of Saratoga County's greatest resources. 

Currently, graduates serve on the Boards of Directors of 135 non-profit organizations from Corinth to Clifton Park.  Over 60 graduates have been elected to local Boards of Education, town boards, City Councils, the County Board of Supervisors, the County Planning Board, and political committees.

Alumni Board

2017-2018 Leadership Saratoga Alumni Association Board Members

Kelly Boucher, President, 2010
Jason Lynch, Vice President, 2012
Lynn Farenell, Secretary and Newsletter Editor, 2002
Libby Coreno, Immediate Past President, 2009
Dean Kolligian, Treasurer, 2008
Pam Allers, 1995
Stacie Barnes, 1997
Annamaria Bellantoni, 2001
Mark Bellantoni, 2016
Ann Dejnozka, 2016
Mary Ferguson, 2000
Chris Joseph, 1996
Maire Masterson, 2014
Pat Pipino, 1998
Amy Potter, 2017
Steve Rodriquez, 1989
Michelle Smallwood, 2017
Heather Varney, 2011
Dianne Winter, 2015