Current Class Projects

Each year Leadership Saratoga classes break into groups and work on a project outside of their regularly scheduled Leadership sessions.  The projects benefit organizations within Saratoga County.  Organizations apply to have their project accepted.  This year’s class projects are as follows:

Grant Cottage - Assess the current marketing strategies and materials being used. Develop a plan to increase the awareness, outreach and visitation of this National Historic Site. Develop a marketing strategy for a variety of targeted audiences and corresponding materials. An increase in membership of the Friends of Ulysses S. Grant Cottage is another goal based on the increased awareness. 

RAIS (Recovery Advocacy In Saratoga) - In conjunction with the Prevention Council, the umbrella organization for RAIS, create a brand and identify collaborative partnerships throughout the Saratoga County community. This is intended to increase visibility of both the positive side of Recovery as well as the awareness of RAIS for those effected by Recovery. This project will also assist with the visibility of the yet to be constructed Recovery Community Center.

Saratoga Regional YMCA - The development of a corporate and non-profit teambuilding component for the Y's new Outdoor Center Project. This includes the structure of the programs that might be available, research about other similar projects created by other organizations and the marketing strategy required to share this opportunity with the community.

Wellspring - A feasibility study, investigating the intersection of business, education and human services sector, to determine if our community is interested in and willing and able to support a program to prepare and place women in non-traditional employment roles.