Current Class Projects

Each year Leadership Saratoga classes break into groups and work on a project outside of their regularly scheduled Leadership sessions.  The projects benefit organizations within Saratoga County.  Organizations apply to have their project accepted.  This year’s class projects are as follows:

The Children's Museum at Saratoga - At a time when the Museum has come under new leadership with a new Executive Director, expanded its space and added programming, and has added technology to aide in how the Museum functions, an overhaul of the Membership and Marketing is timely. The project team will work to evaluate the existing systems and structures, assess new opportunities in the community and design and create a new Membership structure that benefits the community. This will be enhanced with marketing and collateral materials the Museum will use going forward to include; a short video, website updates, branded outdoor signage, a social media plan and printed materials. 

The Galway Public Library - The community is preparing to build a new library which many view as a community center. The project team will work to find ways to engage the Galway community and beyond, understand the needs and wants for usage, find opportunities to engage and educate the community and create supporting materials for the library to use to continue ongoing community dialogue and connections.

Southern Saratoga YMCA - The team will research, design and implement a low ropes course in the trail system recently created on the Y's property, with a focus on young children as the main user group. They will also research, design and implement a labryinth for users on grounds off of the trail. If time permits, they will restore existing wellness stops along the trail, making improvements and adding signage for users to understand how the stops can be used.

The Wilton Food Pantry - Research the community and find avenues to connect with additional people in the community who could benefit from the services they offer as well as connecting with volunteers who would work with the organization. This could include community events, promotional materials, presentations to civic or faith groups or other ideas the project team provides.