Projects Proposal Application Submission

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Each year, up to four projects are selected on which the participants of the Leadership Saratoga class will work. These projects provide hands on experience using some of the skills and thought processes they learn in the program as well as giving them an opportunity to lend the knowledge and expertise they have to an area nonprofit organization. Area nonprofits receive great benefit both by the projects that are completed and the exposure the organization receives to the 24 class participants.

Projects should be submitted from Saratoga County based Chamber member organizations. Ideal projects will require approximately 150 hours of volunteer time to complete. They cannot include fundraising. If there are funds required to complete the project, the submitting organization needs to show the funds already set aside for this use. There needs to be one point person from the organization that is the contact for the project team. A project submission committee made up of people from the Leadership Saratoga Advisory Board will review each submission and if selected for an interview, will discuss them with the Executive Director and Chair or President of the  organizations Board of Directors to ensure full commitment by the organizations staff and volunteer leadership. Organizations will be notified by the end of September about selections.

Other than the above stipulations, the options and opportunities are up to you. Past successful projects include; trail design, cutting, mapping, educational programming and community engagement outreach; a marketing assessment, redesign and production of collateral; a website redesign and implementation; an awareness campaign using research analysis and creation of collateral; organization and hosting of a special anniversary celebration event and the appropriate marketing and promotion to accompany the event; and a food pantry redesign, build out and food drive. These are but a few of the exciting projects groups have worked on in the past.

Think big, think creative!
The projects we present to the class are only as good as the proposals we receive.

A listing of projects completed in years past can be viewed here.

Fill out this form for consideration, and please email Kathleen Fyfe at with any questions. 

The deadline for project proposal submissions is August 12, 2022.