Fellows Criteria

Leadership Fellow Designation

The following is the information required for application to this designation.

Distinguished Fellows who meet the criteria will be determined by the Leadership Saratoga Advisory Board and the Leadership Saratoga Alumni Board.

Applicant must be a Leadership Saratoga graduate who is at least three years past his/her graduation from the program.

Applicant must have served on at least two boards or have been involved in at least one organization serving Saratoga County citizens in a significant, pivotal volunteer role for a total of at least four years.

Applicant must have held a volunteer leadership position or pivotal role in a nonprofit, educational or municipal organization serving Saratoga County citizens for at least one year but preferably more. Examples:  Served as fund raising chair of a campaign or major event; served in demonstrable, significant leadership role on committees that have no board officers, including Walks, Runs, house-builds, etc. Served in a leadership capacity, making a notable difference, for an area nonprofit such as board President or head of a strategic planning committee. Ineligible organizations are those that are directly connected to one’s work or professional association. 

Attend six Advanced Leadership seminars. 

After meeting these requirements, the applicant or nominating individual must complete and submit an application that includes:

  • A list of volunteer organizations and/or boards withinSaratogaCountyin which he/she has served, including time periods and positions/roles in the organization and/or on board.
  •  A description of volunteer leadership position(s) held in the organization(s).  Describe applicant’s accomplishments while in that/those role(s).
  • Letters of recommendation from two Chief Paid Executives or Board Chairs describing your effectiveness as a volunteer leader.