Previous Projects



THE ACADEMY FOR LIFELONG LEARNING – The project team worked to help connect the academy’s senior members with a plan to provide hybrid events through recording in-person courses and activities and promoting accessibility through the hybrid options available to members.

CAPTAIN HUMAN SERVICES With reliable and affordable transportation a crucial need for Saratoga County, the project team worked to assist in a community-wide effort to successfully launch a collaborative approach to increase access to reliable and affordable transportation options for low-income individuals and households, senior citizens, and other community members.

FRIENDS OF THE SARATOGA SPRINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY – The project team worked with the Friends to assist with growth opportunities, including strategies and plans to increase memberships, drive brand awareness, and enhance fundraising. 

WELLSPRING The project team worked with Wellspring to plan workforce development initiatives for those it serves through collaboration with the business sector to address their needs, strategies to work with clients to identify interests to select a career growth path, provision of targeted training for employment readiness, and to assess participant ‘life needs’ and addressing obstacles to employment success.


CAFFE LENA During a recent major capital improvement project, the Caffe added a multi-camera, high-definition video system to capture and stream live performances for audiences around the world. This also documented performances so they could later be used for educational and entertainment purposes. The project team worked with the Caffe to develop a strategy to grow the online audience, assisted in research to develop an appropriate business model, located potential pre-show and intermission content, as well as created marketing materials to share the message of this new avenue of viewing Caffe performances.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Through a partnership with the Saratoga Builder's Association and BOCES, Habitat committed to building a Tiny House. The Tiny House was on display and highlighted during the 2019 Showcase of Homes. The project team worked with Habitat to find ways to promote the Tiny House prior to the Showcase, raising awareness of all three organizations as well as the use of Tiny Houses as an affordable housing option.

HOME MADE THEATER Leading up to their 35th anniversary (2019-2020) and with a new strategic plan aimed at establishing the theater as a "Center for Live Theater," the project team supported HMT's efforts. They developed brand awareness strategies to boost presence in the region, explored innovative ways to attract audiences who may face barriers, and thereby increased attendance and impact in the County. They also proposed ideas, events, and projects to capitalize on the 35th anniversary, including identifying potential collaborative community partners to create programming for the anniversary season.

MECHANICVILLE AREA COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER (MACSC) In 2019, the organization celebrated their 50th anniversary. The project team worked to assist the center in sharing their story of the past 50 years with the community. They researched and executed an overall communications strategy, exploring various avenues of delivery.


THE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM AT SARATOGA - During a period when the Museum underwent a leadership transition with a new Executive Director, expanded its space, added programming, and incorporated technology for improved functioning, a timely overhaul of the Membership and Marketing was initiated. The project team evaluated existing systems and structures, assessed new community opportunities, and designed a new Membership structure that benefits the community. This was complemented by the creation of marketing materials, including a short video, website updates, branded outdoor signage, a social media plan, and printed materials, which the Museum has utilized going forward.

THE GALWAY PUBLIC LIBRARY - As the community prepared to build a new library, the project team worked to find ways to engage the Galway community and beyond, by understanding the needs and wants for usage, finding opportunities to engage and educate the community and through creation of supporting materials for the library to use to continue ongoing community dialogue and connections.

SOUTHERN SARATOGA YMCA - The team researched, designed and implemented a low ropes course in the trail system recently created on the Y's property, with a focus on young children as the main user group. They also researched, designed and implemented a labryinth for users on grounds off of the trail.

THE WILTON FOOD PANTRY - The project team researched the community to find avenues to connect with additional people in the community who could benefit from the services they offer as well as connecting with volunteers who would work with the organization. This included outreach plans and development of promotional materials.


GRANT COTTAGE - Assess the current marketing strategies and materials being used. Develop a plan to increase the awareness, outreach and visitation of this National Historic Site. Develop a marketing strategy for a variety of targeted audiences and corresponding materials. An increase in membership of the Friends of Ulysses S. Grant Cottage is another goal based on the increased awareness. 

RAIS (Recovery Advocacy In Saratoga) - In conjunction with the Prevention Council, the umbrella organization for RAIS, create a brand and identify collaborative partnerships throughout the Saratoga County community. This is intended to increase visibility of both the positive side of Recovery as well as the awareness of RAIS for those effected by Recovery. This project will also assist with the visibility of the yet to be constructed Recovery Community Center.

SARATOGA REGIONAL YMCA - The development of a corporate and non-profit teambuilding component for the Y's new Outdoor Center Project. This includes the structure of the programs that might be available, research about other similar projects created by other organizations and the marketing strategy required to share this opportunity with the community.

WELLSPRING- A feasibility study, investigating the intersection of business, education and human services sector, to determine if our community is interested in and willing and able to support a program to prepare and place women in non-traditional employment roles.


BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS – An awareness project to showcase the services offered in Saratoga County, provide opportunity for Saratoga County businesses to get involved with the organization and further promote the new national campaign "StartUp Something". Specifically focusing on the STEM and STEAM interests of many of the children who are served, the team will create connections with schools and businesses to assist in educating them about these industries. Specific measurables include; creating targeted media plan, design of promotional materials, organizing and hosting at least one open house with an area business and creation of a pilot program for StartUp Something.

MOREAU COMMUNITY CENTER – Assist with the creation and implimentation of a volunteer manual that will include:  standardized volunteer application forms, confidentiality forms, training materials, training schedules, effective tracking tools, enhanced volunteer recruitment, etc. The manual will cover the myriad of different volunteer types within the organization, will define job descriptions and help to match skills and interests to opportunities. Additionally, promotional materials to help recruit volunteers will be made in tandem with the manual.

SARATOGA COUNTY EMS COUNCIL – Through education and awareness, this project aims to better inform the communities in the County about the 13 EMS stations and the services they can provide. Measurable goals include; scripting and creation of an awareness video, organization and execution of a variety of community meetings including a meeting of the Board of Supervisors to share the video and other community role out to identify ways to connect the organizations and the municipalities that they serve. 

SARATOGA FOUNDATION FOR INNOVATIVE LEARNING- This project will assist the organization by having the group act in an advisory capacity to streamline, grow, enhance and expand the awareness of SFIL, the fundraising events and strategies both short and long term and evaluate opportunities and make suggestions for educating the board of directors and improving their governance through suggested orientations or ongoing trainings. 


AIM SERVICES – Research, design and implement an awareness/marketing campaign to enhance AIM’s exposure and ability to develop additional programming for those with challenges in our community. Created a promotional video, community leaders breakfast series and developed a marketing position.

BROOKSIDE MUSEUM – Assisting the organization to step from hosting occasional events to turning Brookside into an event destination.  By doing so, Brookside utilizes one of its greatest assets – its building and grounds – to build an entrepurnurial enterprise that will bring people to the property. Most importantly, Destination: Brookside will contribute to the goal of generating revenue to support programs and efforts to preserve our rich county heritage.

FRANKLIN COMMUNITY CENTER – Assist with the creation and implimentation of a volunteer manual that will include:  standardized volunteer application forms, confidentiality forms, training materials, training schedules, effective tracking tools, etc. The manual will cover the myriad of different volunteer types within the organization and will be launched in tandem with the expansion of the organization's food pantry.

SARATOGA ROWING ASSOCIATION - Research and develop, based on other regional and national rowing associations and regetta events, a sponsorship and marketing plan for the regattas and the association - both for the community at large as well as the specific rowing community including; establishing some cornerstone sponsors, and creating a job description for a future director of marketing and PR for the organization.


Domestic Violence Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County - worked with an existing DVD used to facilitate discussion about sexual assault and rape and though several focus groups with multiple demographic types, developed a facilitators guide to enable additional volunteers to be able to present the information. Additionally, made a shorter version of the video with accompaning guide.

Friends of Saratoga Battlefield - Worked with Board and Park Staff to create a marketing and fundraising plan to appropriately sign and design the Sword Surrender Site. Upon completion, the group committed to acting as the volunteer fundraising committee to put their plan into action.

New Meadow Preschool - With a goal of increasing enrollment of neuro typical children in the early part of the school year, the group analyzed their marketing plan, materials, outreach and current strategies and developed new to help the school acheive their goals.

Saratoga Bridges - An intensive research and analysis project, working with organizations, schools and other focus groups to determine if there is a need for an Autism Resource Center in Saratoga County.


CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services/Souther Saratoga YMCA - research, promote and organize youth to youth philanthropy event

Domestic Violence Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County - research and create Elder Abuse awareness campaign and Community Forum

National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame - research and creation of targeted membership drive and promotional suggestions for marketing to increase membership

Shelters of Saratoga - research, analysis and programming suggestions for collaboration with other organizations offering duplicative services


Wilton Wildlife Preserve - Kiosk and branding consolidation

Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga Springs - research and redesign of website

Domestic Violence Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County - research, design and implimentation of awareness campaign


Franklin Community Center, Food Pantry Re-Design and Install

Saratoga PLAN Northumberland Trail

Salvation Army Mobile Services Feasibility Study


HomelessAlliance/First Responders, Emergency Contacts

SaratogaFarmers Market, Market Survey

Shelters of Saratoga, Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Saratoga National Historical Park, Seasonal Signage


Academy of Lifelong Learning Member Recruitment Campaign

Saratoga PLAN Galway Trail and Community Outreach

Home Made Theater 25th Anniversary Poster Contest & Exhibit

Rebuilding Together Saratoga Re-painting of Salvation Army building


Epiphany Theater Audience Development

Brookside Museum Gift Shop Review

Rebuilding Together Saratoga New Media & Marketing Plan

Universal Preservation Hall History Exhibit


National Museum of Dance Broadway Exhibit

AIM Services Marketing Plan

Saratoga Springs History Museum Membership Survey

Children’s Museum of Saratoga Membership Survey


Domestic Violence Rape Crisis Services Video

Franklin Community Center Website Design

Workforce Housing Awareness

Helping Hands Fundraising Plan


Ballston Spa Railroad Promenade Plan

Hospice MemoryGarden

Trail at Stillpoint

Saratoga On the Move Promotion


Malta Zim Smith Trail Tree Planting-Shenantaha Park

SaratogaARC/Bridges Improve Public Awareness Effort

Feature local volunteers in Saratogian Profiles column

Friends of the Spa State Park marketing plan


Saratoga Rowing Club Boathouse Project Marketing

Community of Respite-Family Contact Coordinator

Community of Respite- Activities available

225th Anniversary of Saratoga National Battlefield Education Traveling Haversacks & Program


CAPTAIN web design

Leadership Saratoga Video

National Cemetery brochure

Center for the Family brochure design


Safe Pet Partnership with Domestic Violence Services

Brookside Museum Fund Raising Campaign

Saratoga YMCA Safe Teens Survey

Franklin Community Center Awareness Day


National Museum of Dance Children’s Interactive Exhibit

Trout Unlimited Fundraiser and Information Brochure

Caffe Lena Marketing Study

Mentoring Program Recruitment Effort


Wilton Wildlife Brochure

Overview of County Needs

Mock Sexual Harassment Trial

Leadership Styles Exercise


First Night Art Exhibit

Saratoga,WY SisterCity

Scenic Byways

Youth Shadowing


Community Forum on Education

YMCA New Pool Feasibility Study

National Museum of Dance new brochure development

Urban Cultural Park Winterfest Event


Children’s Museum of Saratoga Map of the World Exhibit

Leadership Trivia

Leadership Feud

Casino Gambling Overview


Kayderosseross Creek overview

Springs overview

Family Feud Saratoga Style

Twister Game


Volunteer Handbook

Tricentennial Celebration 2091 – a time capsule looking back to 1991

Food Drive

Y Corporate Challenge Blueprint


Play about someone moving to the area  - and all that Saratoga has to offer

“Cheers” skit

Saratoga Horse Race

Community Service/Leadership News Network


Saratoga Saturday Night Live

At-risk Youth skit

Family Feud

Leadership Saratoga Video