APPLY to the Program

Leadership Saratoga seeks up to 24 individuals who:

  • Are committed, motivated and eager to serve in volunteer, appointed or elected leadership roles in Saratoga County.
  • Are able to commit the time and energy to complete the program and continue to serve the community after graduation.
  • Have demonstrated community or career achievement appropriate to age and experience.
  • Are residents of Saratoga County or are non-residents who can show significant sustained community involvement in Saratoga County.
  • Represent a cross-section of business, professions, organizations, government, education, socio-economic, ethnic backgrounds, age and geographical areas throughout Saratoga County.
  • Are committed to stay actively involved in the county.


Attendance (Make sure you have the time!)

In addition to the opening retreat and closing reflection, the time commitment includes 13 half-day sessions and full participation in a group project completed outside of class. Attendance at the two-day opening retreat, scheduled for September 22-23, 2024, and half-day closing reflection, April 30, 2025, are mandatory. Participants who do not attend 80% of the sessions will need to withdraw from the program.


Tuition for the 2024-25 program year is $2,600. 

The Leadership Saratoga Alumni Association, through the Linda G. Toohey Scholarship Program, provides scholarship assistance to those who are able to demonstrate need. Up to the equivalent of two full tuitions may be allocated each year. Selection is merit based. Please see the confidential Linda G. Toohey Scholarship Program Request Form for details.  The request for tuition assistance or scholarship funds has no bearing on the selection process. Once you have completed the application, you will have the opportunity to complete a tuition assistance request form if desired. Candidates are selected for admission to the program prior to review of any Request Forms.  All requests will be kept strictly confidential. Scholarships are limited and will be awarded based on proven financial need.

The Veterans Business Council of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce also offers a scholarship program for Leadership Saratoga based on need and available funding for the program. To qualify for tuition assistance consideration for this program, applicants must be a Veteran or currently serving in the military (active duty, national guard, reserves). Proof of service will be required prior to awarding funding (if selected).

If you have questions, please contact Greg Dixon at LS(at)


Select Online Application from the navigation to the left and complete the application form. Once completed, you will receive an email with a link to your completed application. Upon scheduling your interviews (candidates must do at least 2, but no more than 3 interviews) with the Advisory Board members, please email them this link so they can review your application prior to your interview with them. The deadline for completing all interviews and the application is May 31, 2024.


Contact Greg Dixon at LS(at)


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